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            • 產品名稱:清洗用回油套件(RV、Speedivac 2 至 E2M0.7、E2M1.5)

            • 產品型號:A50419000
            • 產品廠商:真空泵過濾器、消音器
            • 產品文檔:
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            通過使油霧過濾器中捕集的油回流到泵中,可以節省泵油。例如,氣囊回油套件可以通過氣囊延長泵的運行時間。                                          Edwards Rotary Vane Pump RV, SpeediVac 2, E2M0.7, and E2M1.5 Series, EMF Clean Application Oil Return - Mist Filter Drain Back Kit. PN A50419000

            When fitted, the Edwards EMF Oil Drain Kit returns oil trapped in the oil mist filter to the pump, through the gas ballast port. This reduces oil loss from the pump and minimizes the need to check the pump oil-level and to refill the pump with oil. This is the oil return kit only, EMF oil mist filter and pump sold separately. The installation instruction manual can be downloaded in PDF format in the AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS section below.

            Fits Edwards EMF Oil Mist Filters and the following pumps 
            Edwards Rotary Vane Pumps RV Series (ALL), SpeediVac 2, E2M0.7, and E2M1.5.

            滬公網安備 31011702004244號