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            • 產品名稱:油濾芯 MF300

            • 產品型號:A22304021
            • 產品廠商:真空泵過濾器、消音器
            • 產品文檔:
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            A22304021 – 用于 MF 出氣口油霧過濾器的 MF300 濾芯

            A22304021 – 用于 MF 出氣口油霧過濾器的 MF300 濾芯

            NEW Edwards Replacement Oil Element Spare for MF300 MF-300 Oil Mist Filter (Edwards PN A223-04-021)

            This Oil Element Replacement fits the Edwards MF300 Oil Mist Filter, part number for MF300 oil mist filter is A223-04-021. This filter is very efficient at 99.999% DOP test. For complete specifications download the instruction manual (see below avaliable downloads).

            Edwards MF300 MF-300 Filter Media Replacement (Replacement Cartridge Element) Specifications:
            For MF300 Edwards Filters - Fits The Following PumpsE1M175, E1M275, E2M175, E2M275 (4 Required) (sold as 1 each)
            DimensionsHeight 14.5x Width 3.5 inches
            Weight1 lb
            MaterialEpoxy Impregnated Glass Fiber
            Edwards Part NumberA223-04-021

            滬公網安備 31011702004244號