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            • 產品名稱:進氣粉塵過濾器 KF25

            • 產品型號:NRD380000
            • 產品廠商:真空泵過濾器、消音器
            • 產品文檔:
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            Edwards nXDS Series Dry Scroll Vacuum Pumps Filter, Used On Inlet or Exhaust , KF-25, PN: NRD380000

            Edwards Inlet/Exhaust Filter KF25/NW25 for nXDS dry scroll pumps. The inlet dust filter has two functions. It can be connected inline between the pump inlet and your chamber outlet connection to prevent dust from migrating into your system. Alternatively, it can be connected inline between the pump exhaust and your exhaust extraction system. The filter is supplied ready to use with a 5 micron element. Note: If connecting the exhaust filter onto the pump outlet, a NW25 hose nozzle, C105-14-328 is available to connect onto the outlet of the dust filter. Edwards Part Number is NRD380000

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