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            • 產品名稱:Edwards RV, E1/E2M18, XDS系列減震地腳

            • 產品型號:A24801404
            • 產品廠商:真空泵配件
            • 產品文檔:
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            Edwards RV, E1/E2M18, XDS系列減震地腳
            Edwards vibration isolator rubber feet for, RV, E1/E2M18, XDS series pumps, 4 included.
            Edwards RV, E1/E2M18, XDS系列減震地腳
            These vibration isolator rubber feet are used to support the bottom base of the vacuum pump and smooth out the pump vibrations. These replacement isolator vibration feet are made of rubber and come 4 to a package with mounting bolts and washers.

            Fit Vacuum Pumps Models:

            • Edwards: E2M2, E1M5, E2M5, E1M8, E2M8, E2M12, E1M18, E2M18
            • Edwards: RV3, RV5, RV8, RV12
            • Edwards: XDS5, XDS10, XDS35i
            • Dimensions: Height 1.25"(30mm)
            • Material: Rubber
            • Edwards PN: A24801404

            滬公網安備 31011702004244號